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released May 4, 2014

Arranged, performed, recorded, mixed by Derek Barber
Lyrical adaptations by Derek Barber

Upright Bass on Track 9 by Scott Brown

Mastered by Aki Ehara

Track 1 originally by Rachel's on the album Systems/Layers, 2003
Quarterstick Records
Track 2 originally by Tristeza on the album Spine and Sensory, 1999
Makoto Records
Track 3 originally by Mogwai on the album Rock Action, 2001
Matador Records
Track 4 originally by Do Make Say Think on the album You, You're A History In Rust, 2007 Constellation Records
Track 5 originally by Godspeed You! Black Emperor on the album Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven, 2000 Constellation Records, Kranky Records
Track 6 originally by Don Caballero on the album American Don, 2000
Touch and Go Records
Track 7 originally by Unwed Sailor on the album The Faithful Anchor, 2001 Burnt Toast Vinyl
Track 8 originally by What's Up? on the album Content Imagination, 2009 Obey Your Brain Records
Track 9 originally by Hammock on the album Kenotic, 2005 Hammock Music Records

Artwork by Derek Barber

All songs © GOBOLINKS



all rights reserved


GOBOLINKS Oakland, California

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Track Name: Water From the Same Source (Rachel's)
We drink the water from the same source
The water from the
We drink the water from
We drink the water from the

Every time you think that
Every time you think that
Every time you think that
Every time you think that
It is all around you...
Track Name: Pink Elephants (Tristeza)
When I look at the sky
I see them, I know them
Just like old home movies
I watched when I was five

Isn't it such a strange thing
That you are afraid of the most beautiful things
That you will ever see?

Like Disney scenes that you wanted to fast-forward
But now you wouldn't trade the moments
For the world

The one thing I cannot explain is how the fuck
Timothy and his friend were tripping off champagne?
But I'm still just grateful for one of the first times
That I could escape into a world of new colors
Track Name: 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong (Mogwai)
At night, you're driving
You don't know where you're going to
But you keep driving
And try as you might, time passes by

You see two roads ahead of you
A left or right
And then you realize this road you're on
Will never end

These roads, you've seen before
In one of your recurring dreams
It seems where you are now
Just maybe is another dream

But rest won't come to you
As you drive on and lose control
The wheel spins faster now
A left or right means nothing now

In dreams...
Track Name: The Universe! (Do Make Say Think)
Are we nothing more than reflections
Of what's happened
One trillion times before
Floating around the sun?

No one — 
does no one watch over this?

Are we alone? And how can we know?
We know nothing at all

Looking up and you'll see
That you never will be able to know the truth

But truth is how you see it
Track Name: Lift Yr. Skinny Fists, Like Antennas to Heaven... Part 1 of 'Storm' (Godspeed You! Black Emperor)
You are there when it pours
Out from clouds you've seen before
You know it is too late to run or hide

It is too late to find shelter inside a home
You've never felt you've known
Or passing thoughts that wash away with drops of rain
Track Name: The Peter Criss Jazz (Don Caballero)
I've got pictures on the wall
My favorite rock group KISS
I've got Ace Frehley
I've got Peter Criss
Waiting there for me
Yes, I do
I do

In the garage
I feel safe
No one cares about my ways
In the garage where I belong
No one hears me sing this song

I've got electric guitar
I play my stupid songs
I write these stupid words
And I love every one

I wanna rock and roll all night
And party every day
I wanna rock and roll all night
Track Name: Last Goodbyes (Unwed Sailor)
When you held my hand I tried
But I knew it was then
That I would never see your face

When I held your hand you told me
I'd see you again
But it was all too clear
That you were already gone

We'll have to see
Well I don't know
We'll wait and see
What we don't know
Track Name: Yes (What's Up?)
When you see the mountains falling into the sea and all around you are the things that never made any sense at all but things are not always what they seem to be are they?

When you see just what you really are
It's uncanny to think that it's how everyone is
And It's all the same to you and you know that
Everyone here is the exact same
And it's always been this way, you see,
Until the end of everything
Changes but only in name
And names are what we call ourselves
When we don't know really what to do and we can't see the light
But light is the answer and yes is the answer

If you only saw what I can see inside you
You would never feel so lonely again
Track Name: The Air Between Us (Hammock)
You are speaking
But the words don't make any sense
At all
And your hands won't stop their shaking
What is it you tried to say?

Where we are now
Is nowhere
A blue harbor

Bodies floating out to sea beds
All around
People shouting with no voices… when they say
"Let me out!
Wake me up and stop this nightmare!"
Or is it
Something more than what we're seeing
Something more than what it seems

You are speaking
You are here
You are with me

What was it you tried to tell me?
What was it?
What is it you tried to say?
I am here